• The sea is our passion.
  • Rehabilitate and rebuild ports.
  • Innovate for expanding famous ports in France and around the world.
  • « Design & Build » : study, design, build maritime structures in France and around the world.
  • Construct modern technical solutions, from artificial reefs to latest generation marinas.
  • Manage coastal areas, preserve the coast.

ACRI-IN Products

Several years of Research and Development have resulted in ACRI-IN inventing 3 commercially available products. Our "turnkey" solutions help you meet several requirements:

    • Optimizing remote anchorages with our WATERLILY™ solution
    • Balancing trimarans quayside using our ACRI LIFT system
    • Measuring water levels and onsite agitation with our WAVE SENSORS





      Resources to Protect

      • Coastal bodies of water are areas offering both high value usage (tourism, pleasure boating, etc.) and natural resources (protected species and habitats).

      Safety risks

      Conflicts in usage double the safety risks:
      • The safety of pleasure boaters at remote anchorages in bad weather.
      • The safety of other users (windsurfers, divers, etc.).

      Pressure from various usages is as strong as

      • the sensitivity of the environment is high (protected species and habitats) such as Posidonia meadows that are the source of nourishment for fauna (juvenile fish)
      • tourism representing a significant financial impact for coastal communities.

      The primary impacts of remote anchorages on bodies of water and oceans

      • mechanical action on the ocean floor by boat anchors
      • physico-chemical impact: changes bodies of water due to ship's trash, grey and black water and bilge waste


      To apply legislation issued by Grenelle de la Mer dated June 2009, the government created Zones de Mouillages et d'Equipements Légers (ZMEL), areas for light craft anchorages, to help communities protect anchorages along their coasts from:
      • Degradation of the natural environment;
      • Scraping the ocean floor by anchor chains.

      For protecting endemic species, light anchorages are the answer for coastal managers. To meet this requirement, ACRI-IN offers an optimized solution, WaterLily™ (star shaped floating platform on an articulated piling):

      • Completely removable seasonal installation: the environment is returned to its original condition
      • The piling is an effective solution against scraping: preserving meadows
      • A single secure anchorage point for several boats: increased anchoring density
      • Services: waste collection (gray water, black water, etc.), shuttle service, weather, various info, etc.


      • The platform sways with the wind and allows the structure float to the rhythm of the waves;
      • Unlike chained systems, WaterLily™ does not stiffen up;
      • The hydrodynamic constraints of the wave are always cushioned.
      It can be used many times over.

      It makes for a comfortable, safe anchorage.

    • FP 1111 ACRI Lift
    • FP 920 ACRI FLOW

Marine Engineering
ACRI-IN's business is to combine R&D with numerical modeling, physical modeling, civil engineering and port engineering, coastal and river management and marine and harbor project management, and project management support. And do this based on the expertise, tools, organization and teams with different backgrounds and experience.
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Variety of skills
ACRI-IN's team has the skills to get involved around the world in areas of marine structure design, civil engineering, port engineering, physical modeling, regulatory filings, marine project management, PM support, technical expertise, implementing prototypes and pilot operations, R&D.
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