• The sea is our passion.
  • Rehabilitate and rebuild ports.
  • Innovate for expanding famous ports in France and around the world.
  • « Design & Build » : study, design, build maritime structures in France and around the world.
  • Construct modern technical solutions, from artificial reefs to latest generation marinas.
  • Manage coastal areas, preserve the coast.

Project Management for your maritime projects

MaitriseOeuvre Execution 300 200ACRI-IN has developed specific know-how and expertise in the management of all types of harbor, containment and coastal protection projects.

Combining targeted and available technical expertise with significant experience in construction, ACRI-IN is positioned as a true partner in your projects, able to design realistic programs within budget. We have a clear understanding of the legislation in force (public contract code and its changes, General Terms and Conditions, etc.) and regulatory and legal oversight that helps public procurement authorities as well as private customers.

We are able to complete all the services defined in law No. 85-704 dated July 12, 1985, regarding public project management and understand how it relates to private project management in additional decree 93-1268. For each phase, ACRI-IN can meet the requirements of every customer.


The 9 phases of our PROJECT MANAGEMENT involvement

Phase 1 : Diagnostics

Our team is made up of experts in our various fields of business (hydrodynamics, civil engineering, construction, currents, sediments) which helps us quickly understand the phenomena in play and determine the source of findings observed. In addition, we have all the equipment for performing typographical and bathymetric studies.

Phase 2 : Preliminary Studies

Based on the findings and diagnostics observed and the customer's expectations, our experience helps us develop proposals for relevant, economical and innovative solutions.

Phase 3 : Preliminary Draft

We have the means and skills for sizing the solutions desired by the customer especially to minimize the investment and operational costs. We also have the skills to advise the customer on the required regulatory steps and perform them, if needed.

Phase 4 : Project

For the project phase, our tools and software are used to precisely define the work to be performed throughout the phase and the exact type of services that need to be executed by the construction subcontractors. This major step considerably reduces the occurrence of hazards during the construction phase.

Phase 5 : Assistance with awarding construction contracts

Our understanding of legislation and our experience in awarding construction contracts helps us to better advise the customer to guarantee proper distribution of construction contracts under satisfactory technical and economic conditions.

Phase 6 : Execution Plan or VISA

ACRI-IN has all the tools to perform definitive structure sizing and establish project plans for the work to be performed. As a result, ACRI-IN can supervise execution plans to be performed by the contractors should the customer award the project manager the role of project verification and auditor (VISA).

Phase 7 : Managing construction execution

With a responsive team and several decades of experience in land-based and maritime construction, we can easily anticipate problems that may arise.

Phase 8 : Construction procurement, monitoring and coordination

For procurement and monitoring construction, we know how to be the link between all of the construction teams (customer, operator, subcontractors, etc.) to ensure meeting the initial schedule.

Phase 9 : Acceptance support activities

ACRI-IN advises the customer in these delicate steps to help it guarantee quick start of operations while protecting its interests.

Marine Engineering
ACRI-IN's business is to combine R&D with numerical modeling, physical modeling, civil engineering and port engineering, coastal and river management and marine and harbor project management, and project management support. And do this based on the expertise, tools, organization and teams with different backgrounds and experience.
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Variety of skills
ACRI-IN's team has the skills to get involved around the world in areas of marine structure design, civil engineering, port engineering, physical modeling, regulatory filings, marine project management, PM support, technical expertise, implementing prototypes and pilot operations, R&D.
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