• The sea is our passion.
  • Rehabilitate and rebuild ports.
  • Innovate for expanding famous ports in France and around the world.
  • « Design & Build » : study, design, build maritime structures in France and around the world.
  • Construct modern technical solutions, from artificial reefs to latest generation marinas.
  • Manage coastal areas, preserve the coast.

Discover our projects

ACRI-IN has completed several coastal management projects. The renown of our engineering has led us to work on complex projects, especially associated with coastal erosion, or restructuring existing structures required by changes in law to better protect the coastal environment.

The removal or maintenance of existing groins and breakwaters based on their effectiveness and impact; the promotion and development of innovative structures such as artificial reefs; our technical and legal expertise in improving coastal paths; research on technical solutions to help preserve coastal environmental resources and human activity: study subjects for which ACRI-IN has become a preferred single point of contact, gaining the confidence of not only the customers who request its services, but also organizations and government authorities who quite frequently recognize the excellence and quality of work performed by our engineering.

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  • Mandelieu
    Aménagement des plages
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  • Grimaud
    Aménagement du littoral
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Marine Engineering
ACRI-IN's business is to combine R&D with numerical modeling, physical modeling, civil engineering and port engineering, coastal and river management and marine and harbor project management, and project management support. And do this based on the expertise, tools, organization and teams with different backgrounds and experience.
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Variety of skills
ACRI-IN's team has the skills to get involved around the world in areas of marine structure design, civil engineering, port engineering, physical modeling, regulatory filings, marine project management, PM support, technical expertise, implementing prototypes and pilot operations, R&D.
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