• The sea is our passion.
  • Rehabilitate and rebuild ports.
  • Innovate for expanding famous ports in France and around the world.
  • « Design & Build » : study, design, build maritime structures in France and around the world.
  • Construct modern technical solutions, from artificial reefs to latest generation marinas.
  • Manage coastal areas, preserve the coast.

ACRI-IN: marine engineering serving you and the sea...

To meet the objectives of any maritime or coastal project awarded to us, we offer a qualitative and relevant approach whose key actions include the following:

  • Collecting data to define the program
  • Planning the project based on the program objectives
  • Establishing and monitoring the steps for government permits
  • Assuming coordination of studies and participants, strictly following the program objectives
  • Planning preparations, construction sites and logistics
  • Determining site constraints
  • Optimizing costs, project savings, implementation techniques
  • Proper phasing of the schedule to meet the opening date
  • Establishing a construction site with minimal impact (limiting noise and visual impact, traffic, ensuring neatness, safety and accessibility, etc.).

Recognized expertise in the maritime field

Our expertise is a guarantee for the customer, because it brings added value to the project from the initial planning, and this presents ways to improve optimizing the project over its various phases, whether we act as project management support or as overall project manager (design and build).


Involvement in every phase of your maritime and coastal project:

Marine Engineering
ACRI-IN's business is to combine R&D with numerical modeling, physical modeling, civil engineering and port engineering, coastal and river management and marine and harbor project management, and project management support. And do this based on the expertise, tools, organization and teams with different backgrounds and experience.
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Variety of skills
ACRI-IN's team has the skills to get involved around the world in areas of marine structure design, civil engineering, port engineering, physical modeling, regulatory filings, marine project management, PM support, technical expertise, implementing prototypes and pilot operations, R&D.
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